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About us

In the summer of 2010, my husband Steve and I welcomed our newest addition Tyler to complete our family, making us the very proud parents of 4 boys!!! The time finally came around that I was scheduled to return back to my place of work, so my husband and I started thinking of different ways that I could work from our home instead. We stumbled across the world of vinyl wall decals, and instantly fell in love with it!!!

Welcome to Wallapalooza Wall Decals

We began our new business adventure in October of 2011. This was originally meant to be a part time venture, but as our passion for designing took off, so did our clientele. We enjoy coming up with new ideas and designs as well as bringing our customers "ideas" to life. There is nothing more gratifying when a customer sends us a message with their idea, and we turn it into exactly what they are looking for...sometimes even more so :)

Our vinyl decals are all made with precision and care. This isn't an "assembly line" type of business. We put a lot of time and hard work into each and every design that leaves our door step. We use only the highest quality materials and our decals are all made on a matte finish vinyl, so they look like they have been painted or stenciled onto the wall. The inks that we use are non toxic, and always look beautiful and vibrant! We stand 100% behind the service that we provide and behind the products that we make and sell.

 We, as a family, are very proud of what we have begun, and together we are excited to see what the future will bring for us.

Thank you for taking the time to read "about us" and please feel free to visit us anytime!!!!